Basic Teacher Expectations

PBS Teaching Standards

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Basic Teacher Expectations

Phillips Brooks School

Faculty  Evaluation, Part 1

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  • The teacher overtly supports and acts in accordance with the PBS Mission.
  • The teacher demonstrates planning and preparation for instruction.
  • The teacher systematically assesses for student understanding and adjusts instruction accordingly.
  • The teacher develops and maintains a positive learning environment that inspires and allows for  learning.
  • The teacher communicates regularly and effectively with parents about the curriculum and individual student progress.
  • The teacher shows evidence of professional standards of personal presentation, punctuality, collaboration, professional courtesy, and discretion.
  • The teacher enforces PBS rules and policies consistently and effectively.
  • The teacher responds to the needs of the school including but not limited to supervision duties, committees, meetings, and events.

⃤ Meets Expectations ⃤ Does Not Meet Expectations


Associate Head of School
Early Learning Center Director

Part 2 is an attached narrative written by the Associate Head of School or the Early Learning Center Director on your progress toward your goals this year and selected PBS Teaching Standards.

September, 2012