Basic Teacher Expectations

PBS Teaching Standards

Professional Development Plan

Evaluation Calendar


PBS Philosophy of Professional Development

The Phillips Brooks School is a learning community in which every member is an active lifelong learner.  Faculty members are practitioners, who continually seek both individual and collective professional development opportunities.  The faculty cultivates a learning environment that models both lifelong learning and continual development for our students.



I will create a safe and dynamic learning environment where students seek knowledge.  Interest and participation will be sustained by meeting individual needs through the use of a variety of teaching techniques.

I will provide opportunities for students to have a voice in their own learning thereby fostering intrinsic motivation and helping students to develop an understanding of themselves as learners.

3. I will support the needs of varied learners in the classroom by promoting constructivism, integration and differentiation. I will support different learning styles and abilities and anticipate student needs.  I use formative and summative assessments to inform my instruction.

4. I will promote the character development of each student. I understand what children’s social relationships look like at my grade level. I help students develop positive relationships with peers and adults, and I help children learn to navigate their ever-changing social worlds with age-appropriate kindness and respect.

5. I understand the mission and policies of PBS, and when questions or concerns arise, I confer with colleagues and administrators to identify and solve student curricular and school problems.

6. I will respect each student and establish positive relationships.

7. I am familiar with our learning continuum. I am able to converse easily about the continuum and where my individual students are on that continuum.

Learning Environment

1. I will create a classroom that is caring, inclusive and challenging. It will be supportive of different learning styles and abilities.

2. I will help students to assume ownership, responsibility and accountability for learning.

3. I will use a variety of resources and teaching methods to enhance student learning.

4. I will make learning visible in the environment through documentation.

5. I create safe places for children to take intellectual and emotional risks, where students can develop confidence and positive self-esteem.

Family Partnerships

1. I will strive to create partnerships with parents by encouraging participation, providing communication about students and curriculum, and approaching families with professionalism and respect.

2. I welcome and respond to questions, comments, and concerns in a timely manner.

Professional Practice

1. I am committed to professional development and stay abreast of current research in pedagogy.

2. I have knowledge appropriate for my teaching and self monitor to identify and solve problems.

3. I support and promote the mission of our school and model our core values.

4. I respect, value and collaborate with my colleagues and adhere to professional standards.

5. I am a lifelong learner and constantly re-evaluate my teaching practice and curriculum. I strive to be the most effective teacher I can be.

6. I work to design and implement curriculum to support our program and mission.

7. I will model integrity, kindness and respect for all persons both in and out of the workplace.

8. I understand the importance of clearly established classroom routines and effectively utilized management systems.

9. I will always use a tone of voice that communicates respect for all and never show anger or sarcasm.


June, 2012