Basic Teacher Expectations

PBS Teaching Standards

Professional Development Plan

Evaluation Calendar

The Phillips Brooks School

Administrative Evaluation Calendar for Teachers



Support Person


August -
Early September

Dialogue regarding Mission and PBS Teaching Standards

Associate Head
ELC Director

Ideas for possible goals
End of September

Discussion about the type of observations and communication loops necessary to support  goals

Associate Head
ELC Director
Written goals for the year (2-3 goals)
October - mid-December

Series of observations and communications with written feedback

Associate Head
ELC Director
Associate Head of School dialogue feedback notes

Official Mid-Year Check-In with discussion regarding progress toward goals and other PBS Teaching Standards that need to be addressed

Associate Head or ELC Director, and possible recommendation for Special Administrative Review with Head of School
Discussion and documentation
January - March

Additional observations and gathering of evidence towards goals

Associate Head
ELC Director
Dialogue feedback notes
April - June Written Self-Assessments and Administrative Evaluation Report
Associate Head
ELC Director

Self-Assessment Documentation


Mission and Teaching Standards

Please review the PBS Mission and Teaching Standards attached.  After a dialogue with the Associate Head of School about how the Mission and Teaching Standards are realized in your classroom and daily practice, write 2-3 goals that will be the focus of your evaluation.

PBS Teaching Standards Self-Assessment

Over the course of the year, you will gather a portfolio to demonstrate your intentional work towards your goals.  Reviewing this evidence, assess your progress.  Furthermore, you may present additional material that expresses your efforts on any of the other (but not necessarily all) Teaching Standards.  Please summarize in writing this work.

Administrative Evaluation Report

The Administrative Evaluation Report will be communicated in two parts.  The first part is whether or not you have met the Basic Teacher Expectations as outlined below.  The second part is a narrative response to your personal goals and selected PBS Teaching Standards.

Basic Teacher Expectations

The Associate Head of School will determine if you have met the basic expectations for all faculty members.  If, over the course of the evaluation year, you need to address any particular area, you will be informed in a timely fashion and given opportunities and strategies for immediate improvement.

  • I overtly support and act in accordance with the PBS Mission.
  • I demonstrate planning and preparation for instruction.
  • I systematically assess for student understanding and adjust instruction accordingly.
  • I develop and maintain a positive learning environment that inspires and allows for  learning.
  • I communicate regularly and effectively with parents about the curriculum and individual student progress.
  • I show evidence of professional standards of personal presentation, punctuality, collaboration, professional courtesy, and discretion.
  • I enforce PBS rules and policies consistently and effectively.
  • I respond to the needs of the school including but not limited to supervision duties, committees, meetings, and events.

The Associate Head of School or Early Learning Center Director will respond in writing to your progress on your specific goals as well as selected areas outlined in the Teaching Standards.  This evaluation report will balance commendations and recommendations and will support those statements with specific evidence and observations.

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June, 2012