Is it a worthy website?
Evaluation Form



(Y=Yes,  N=No, ?=Not sure        Circle your answer and fill in the blanks.)


Y  N  ?  Does the site have a table of contents or site map?


Y  N  ?   Is the text "readable"?

Y  N  ?   Does the text give you information that you could prove by going to another source?


Y  N  ?  Do the images support the information or are they distracting?


Y  N  ?   Are there spelling and grammatical errors?


Y  N  ?  Does the author or creator cite where their information came from?



1. Is the contact information for the site author provided? (name email, phone number address)______________________________________________


2. What do you know about the author? Does s/he have good credentials?



3. When was the site was created and/or last updated? _______________


4. Did the links work or was there "link rot"? __________


5. What is the homepage URL?_____________________________________


6.  Date you visited this site?__________








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