Practice and Fluency Summer Math Work

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics:
The Illuminations website is a good place to start:  
Here you find games to practice basic facts grouped by grade level. These activities are all ones that reinforce how we approach teaching math.

At Soft   
You can find worksheets, games and practice that can be matched to grade level or specific practice.

Free Math Games:
You will find an extensive list of games to provide fun practice as well as activities to build fluency. This website also allows you to choose the numbers or problems that will be included in on-line practice or worksheets for printable practice.

Cool math games:  
This site has fun games to practice basic facts. The games are not leveled so they may require some trial and error to pick the best ones for your child to use for practice. 
Provides games with specific practice in building fluency in multiplication. This website also includes practice in addition and subtraction.

The Math Play website: 
This site has games to reinforce multiplication facts and teach properties of multiplication too. The games also work on dexterity and quick thinking. Some may not be good for children who do not like doing things quickly

More fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts:

Other Math Games and Practice:

Family Math (several publications that can be purchased through ETA [a math resource store]): 
This is a series of publications that contain games for the family to play at home together.  It makes math a family fun night.  The family that plays math together builds a love for math together.

For general math practice I recommend the games on this site:

-psymonds 6/2013