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Immigration Titles for the PBS Community

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•J 304.8 Bial
Ellis Island: Coming to the Land of Liberty        
Since opening in 1892, Ellis Island has come to symbolize the waves of immigrants from a list of countries that seems endless. In this work, Bial tells the story of Ellis Island itself.

•J 304.8 Hoobler
We Are Americans: Voices of the Immigrant Experience
A history of immigration to America, from speculation about the earliest immigrants to the present day.

•J 304.8 Jacobs
Ellis Island: New Hope in a New Land
Traces the history of Ellis Island and immigration to America and describes the experiences of immigrants arriving in 1907.

•J 304.8 Lawlor
I Was Dreaming to Come to America: Memories from the Ellis Island Oral History Project
In their own words, coupled with hand-painted collage illustrations, immigrants recall their arrival in the United States.

•J 304.8 Maestro
Coming to America: the Story of Immigration
Referring to the arrival of the first Americans many thousands of years ago, the author emphasizes that there were millions of inhabitants by the time Columbus "discovered" America. She describes the many waves of settlers from European countries, the grim horror of the slave trade, the ordeal of inspection at Ellis Island and the ongoing stream of refugees who take shelter in the U.S.

•J 323 Seidman
Civil rights
African Americans -- Women -- Native Americans -- Immigrants -- Prisoners -- Gays and lesbians -- Where we go now.

•J 325.73 Hoff
America's Immigrants: Adventures in Eyewitness History.
Letters, poems, advertisements, diaries, documents, and publications tell the story of immigrants as they adjusted to life in the U.S. from 1784-1966.

•J 325.73 Home
Home of the Brave: Contemporary American Immigrants by Kalergis

•J 325.73 Levine
If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island
Describes, in question and answer format, the great migration of immigrants to New York's Ellis Island, from the 1880s to 1914. Features quotes from children and adults who passed through the station.

•J 331.7 Perl
To the Golden Mountain: the Chinese Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad
From the land of the celestials -- Gold fields and Chinatowns -- Working on the railroad -- Blasting through the mountains -- Working on the railroad -- The race to the finish -- The Chinese must go -- The door to the Golden Mountain closes.

•J 367.82 Wilkes
One Day We Had to Run!
Refugee children from Kenya tell their stories through their writings and paintings.

•J 741.5 Tan
The Arrival
In this wordless graphic novel, a man leaves his homeland and sets off for a new country, where he must build a new life for himself and his family.

•J 779 Delano
Faces of America
Photos for an exhibition at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum

•J 895.1 Lai
Poetry and history of Chinese immigrants on Angel Island 1910-1940

•J 920 Borden
The Journey that Saved Curious George
Tells how the creators of "Curious George" narrowly escaped capture by the Nazis while fleeing Paris on their bicycles during World War II.

•J 959.704 Kilborne
Leaving Vietnam
Tells the story of a boy and his father who endure danger and difficulties when they escape by boat from Vietnam, spend days at sea, and then months in refugee camps before making their way to the United States.

•J 973 Miller
Words That Built a Nation: a Young Person's Collection of Historic American Documents
A collection of thirty-nine contemporary documents tracing the history of the United States, including such areas as human rights, the environment, and immigration. Includes commentary, photographs, and engravings.

•J 974.7 Bierman
Journey to Ellis Island: How My Father Came to America
An account of the ocean voyage and arrival at Ellis Island of twelve-year-old Julius Weinstein who, along with his mother and younger sister, immigrated from Russia in 1922.

•J 979.4 Blumberg
The Great American Gold Rush
Describes the emigration of people to California to pursue the dream of discovering gold.        

•J 979.4 Flanagan
Angel Island
The journey to America -- The history of Angel Island -- Why the Chinese came -- Chinese are not welcome! -- Proving citizenship -- Keeping the Chinese out -- Conditions at Angel Island -- Angel Island State Park.
Presents a history of Angel Island on San Francisco Bay where many Asian immigrants were processed before entering the United States, and describes the various reason why those such as the Chinese desired to come to America.

•J B Gehrig Brandt
Lou Gehrig, Pride of the Yankees
Describes the life of the baseball player, from his childhood as the only son of German immigrants to his triumph as star of the New York Yankees.
•J B D'Angelo Murphy
Pick and Shovel Poet: the Journeys of Pascal D'Angelo
A biography of an Italian peasant who immigrated to America in the early twentieth century and endured poverty and the difficult life of an unskilled laborer, determined to become a published poet.

•J B Oseola Oppenheim
Osceola, Seminole warrior
A biography of the Seminole chief who led the resistance against compulsory immigration of his people.



•J FIC Avi
Beyond the Western Sea: Book One: The Escape from Home.
Driven from their impoverished Irish village, fifteen-year-old Maura and her younger brother meet their landlord's runaway son in Liverpool while all three wait for a ship to America.

•J FIC Cheng
Honeysuckle House
An all-American girl with Chinese ancestors and a new immigrant from China find little in common when they meet in their fourth grade classroom, but they are both missing their best friends and soon discover other connections.

•J FIC Children
Children of Asian America
A collection of stories which reflect the experiences and feelings of young people from various Asian American ethnic communities.

•J FIC Cohen
Molly's Pilgrim
For a Thanksgiving display at school, Molly's Jewish mother dresses the Pilgrim doll as she herself dressed before leaving Russia.        

•J FIC Denenberg
So Far from Home: the Diary of Mary Driscoll, an Irish Mill Girl
In the diary account of her journey from Ireland in 1846 and of her work in a mill in Lowell, Massachusetts, fourteen-year-old Mary reveals a great longing for her family.

•J FIC Giff
Maggie's Door
In the mid-1800s, Nory and her neighbor and friend, Sean, set out separately on a dangerous journey from famine-plagued Ireland, hoping to reach a better life in America.

•J FIC Himelblau
The Trouble Begins
Reunited with his family for the first time since he was a baby, fifth grader Du struggles to adapt to his new home in the United States.

•J FIC Laird
Kiss the Dust
Her father's involvement with the Kurdish resistance movement in Iraq forces 13-year-old Tara to flee with her family over the border into Iran, where they face an unknown future.

•J FIC Lasky
Dreams in the Golden Country
the diary of Zipporah Feldman, a Jewish immigrant girl
Twelve-year-old Zippy, a Jewish immigrant from Russia, keeps a diary account of the first eighteen months of her family's life on the Lower East Side of New York City in 1903-1904.

•J FIC Look
Ruby Lu, Empress of Everything
After Ruby Lu's deaf cousin, Flying Duck, and her parents come from China to live with her, Ruby finds life challenging as she adjusts to her new family, tries to mend her rocky relationship with her friend Emma, and faces various adventures in summer school.        

•J FIC Mazer
 Good night, Maman
After spending years fleeing from the Nazis in war-torn Europe, twelve-year-old Karin Levi and her older brother Marc find a new home in a refugee camp in Oswego, New York.        

•J FIC Nagda
Dear Whiskers
Jenny is discouraged when her second grade pen pal turns out to be a new student from Saudi Arabia who does not speak English very well, but as she works with her they slowly become friends.

•J FIC Naidoo
The Other Side of Truth
Smuggled out of Nigeria after their mother's murder, Sade and her younger brother are abandoned in London when their uncle fails to meet them at the airport and they are fearful of their new surroundings and of what may have happened to their journalist father back in Nigeria.

•J FIC Nixon
Land of Dreams
In 1902 sixteen-year-old Kristin travels with her family from Sweden to a new life in Minnesota, where she finds herself frustrated by the restrictions placed on what girls of her age are expected or allowed to do.

•J FIC Pullman
The Tiger in the Well
In London in 1881, twenty-four-year-old Sally finds her young daughter and her possessions assailed by an unknown enemy, while a shadowy figure known as the Tzaddik involves her in his plot to defraud and exploit the hordes of Jewish immigrants pouring into the country.

•J FIC Sachs
Call Me Ruth
The daughter of a Russian immigrant family has conflicting feelings about her mother's union involvement.

•J FIC Shaw
Meet Kirsten, an American Girl
Nine-year-old Kirsten and her family experience many hardships as they travel from Sweden to Minnesota in 1854.        

•J FIC Temple
Grab Hands and Run
After his father disappears, Felipe, his mother, and his younger sister set out on a difficult and dangerous journey, trying to make their way from their home in El Salvador to Canada.

•J FIC Woodruff
The Orphan of Ellis Island: a Time Travel Adventure
During a school trip to Ellis Island, Dominick Avaro, a ten-year-old foster child, travels back in time to 1908 Italy and accompanies two young emigrants to America.

•J FIC Yep
The Dragon's Child: a Story of Angel Island
Ten-year-old Gim Lew leaves his village in China to accompany his father to America, but before they go he must prepare for a grueling test that he must pass--without stuttering--at California's Angel Island, where officials strive to keep out unwanted immigrants. Includes facts about immigration from China and the experiences of the author's family.

•J FIC Yezierska
Bread Givers: a Novel
Portrays a struggle between a father of the Old World and a daughter of the New.



•JP FIC Broyles
Shy Mama's Halloween
When their father gets sick and cannot take them out trick or treating on their first Halloween in their new country, Anya and her sisters and brother are surprised when their shy mother agrees to accompany them.        

•JP FIC Bunting
How Many Days to America
Refugees from a Caribbean island embark on a dangerous boat trip to America where they have a special reason to celebrate Thanksgiving.

•JP FIC Bunting
One Green Apple
While on a school field trip to an orchard to make cider, a young Muslim immigrant named Farah gains self-confidence when the green apple she picks perfectly complements the other students' red apples.

•JP FIC Bunting
A Picnic in October
A boy finally comes to understand why his grandmother insists that the family come to Ellis Island each year to celebrate Lady Liberty's birthday.

•JP FIC Cech
My Grandmother's Journey
A grandmother tells the story of her eventful life in early 20th century Europe and her arrival in the U.S. after World War II.

•JP FIC Gilmore
Lights for Gita
Recently immigrated from India, Gita is looking forward to celebrating her favorite holiday, Divali, a festival of lights, but things are so different in her new home that she wonders if she will ever adjust.

•JP FIC Harvey
Immigrant Girl: Becky of Eldridge Street
Becky, whose family has emigrated from Russia to avoid being persecuted as Jews, finds growing up in New York City in 1910 a vivid and exciting experience.

JP FIC Herold
A Very Important Day
Two hundred nineteen people from thirty-two different countries make their way to downtown New York in a snowstorm to be sworn in as citizens of the United States.

•JP FIC Hest
When Jessie Came Across the Sea
A thirteen-year-old Jewish orphan reluctantly leaves her grandmother and immigrates to New York City, where she works for three years sewing lace and earning money to bring Grandmother to the United States, too.

After leaving his village in southeastern China, twelve-year-old Sun is held at Angel Island, San Francisco, before being released to join his father, a merchant living in the area. Includes historical notes.

•JP FIC Levine
I Hate English!
When her family moves to New York from Hong Kong, Mei Mei finds it difficult to adjust to school and learn the alien sounds of English.

•JP FIC Mobin-Uddin
When Bilal and his sister transfer to a school where they are the only Muslims, they must learn how to fit in while staying true to their beliefs and heritage.

•JP FIC Oberman
The Always Prayer Shawl
A prayer shawl is handed down from grandfather to grandson in this story of Jewish tradition and the passage of generations.

•JP FIC O’Flatharta
The Prairie Train
As a young Irish immigrant boy travels by steam-engine across the American prairie to a new life, memories of the old country pull at his heart.

•JP FIC Park
Good-bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong
Jangmi finds it hard to say goodbye to relatives and friends, plus the food, customs, and beautiful things of her home in Korea, when her family moves to America.

•JP FIC Park
My Freedom Trip
The story of a young girl's escape from North Korea, based on the life of the authors' mother.

•JP FIC Partridge
Oranges on Golden Mountain
When hard times fall on his family, Jo Lee is sent from China to San Francisco, where he helps his uncle fish and dreams of being reunited with his mother and sister.

•JP FIC Peacock
At Ellis Island: a History in Many Voices
The experiences of people coming to the United States from many different lands are conveyed in the words of a contemporary young girl visiting Ellis Island and of a girl who immigrated in about 1910, as well as by quotes from early twentieth century immigrants and Ellis Island officials.

•JP FIC Pérez
My Diary from Here to There
A young girl describes her feelings when her father decides to leave their home in Mexico to look for work in the United States.

•JP FIC Polacco
The Keeping Quilt
A homemade quilt ties together the lives of four generations of an immigrant Jewish family, remaining a symbol of their enduring love and faith.

•JP FIC Recorvits
My Name is Yoon
Disliking her name as written in English, Korean-born Yoon, or "shining wisdom," refers to herself as "cat," "bird," and "cupcake," as a way to feel more comfortable in her new school and new country.

•JP FIC Russell
Maggie's Amerikay
In New Orleans in 1898, while her mother talks of saving to buy land and her father insists on the importance of an education, young Irish immigrant Maggie McCrary is determined to find her own way in the new place they call home.

•JP FIC Trottier
The Walking Stick
As fighting closes in on the village where Tiger's parents have been working, the three of them and a mysterious guide set out on a difficult journey to safety.

•JP FIC Van Leeuwen
Going West
Follows a family's emigration by prairie schooner from the East, across the plains to Kansas.

•JP FIC Williams
Four Feet, Two Sandals
Two young Afghani girls living in a refugee camp in Pakistan share a precious pair of sandals brought by relief workers. Includes author's note about refugees.

•JP FIC Winter
Klara's New World
A Swedish family faces many hardships when they immigrate to America in search of a better life.

•JP FIC Woodruff
The Memory Coat
In the early 1900s, two cousins leave their Russian shtetl with the rest of their family to come to America, hopeful that they will all pass the dreaded inspection at Ellis Island.

•JP FIC Woodruff
Small Beauties: The Journey of Darcy Heart O'Hara
Darcy Heart O'Hara, a young Irish girl who neglects her chores to observe the beauties of nature and everyday life, shares "family memories" with her homesick parents and siblings after the O'Haras are forced to emigrate to America in the 1840s.

•JP FIC Yang
Hannah is My Name
A young Chinese girl and her parents emigrate to the United States and try their best to assimilate into their San Francisco neighborhood while anxiously awaiting the arrival of their green cards.

•JP FIC Yezerski
Together in Pinecone Patch
A girl from Ireland and a boy from Poland overcome the prejudices held by the residents of the small American town to which they have emigrated.

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