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We have the Harry Potter Blues...

Here are some other fantasy choices for our hungry readers

After many of the fourth graders (2007-8) finished the Harry Potter series, there was much lamenting about what to read next. Following are some of the selections that they recommended:

Riordan-Lightning Thief series
Higson-Young Bond books
Barry- Peter and the Star Catchers series
Birdsall- The Penderwicks
Haddix- Among the Hidden series
Meyer- Pirate Curse series
MacHale- PenDragon series
Chima-The Warrior Heir
Byng-Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism


Here are some choices that have been recommended by others suffering from the Harry Potter blues:

Auxier-Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes
Avi- -Midnight Magic
Barron-Lost Years of Merlin series
Barry-The Bridge to Neverland and other titles
Billingsley-Folk Keeper
Bode- The Anybodies
Carman- The Land of Elyon series and other series
Coville- The Unicorn Chronicles and other titles
Cooper- Dark is Rising series
Duane-Young Wizards series
Farmer-Sea of Trolls
Flanagan- The Ranger's Apprentice
Funke- The Thief Lord
Goldman- The Princess Bride
Gordon- Tunnels
Hunter-The Warriors' series
Ibbotson-Island of the Aunts and others from this author
Jarvis- Deptford Mice Trilogy series
Jones-Dalemark Quartet series
LaFevers- Beastologist series
Laurie-The Oracles of Delphi Keep
Levine-Ella Enchanted
McNish- Doomspell
Machel-Eggs in One Basket
Nimmos-Charlie Bone books
Nix-Sabriel series and other titles
Oppel- The Silverwing series
Owen- Here, There be Dragons
Pierce-Protector of the Small series
Pullman-His Dark Materials series
Riordan- The Kane Chronicles and Heroes of Olympus
Selznick-Hugo Cabret and Wonderstruck
Stroud- The Amulet of Samarkand series
Yolen-Young Merlin Trilogy

Revisited 3/2012