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Courage Titles at Phillips Brooks School

Below are some of the titles we have at PBS that speak to the virtue of courage.

371.58 Fried-- Bullies and Victims
305.8 Tatum-- Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria? And other conversations about race
649 Bishop-- Protecting children from danger: Building self-reliance and emergency skills...
649 Cline-- Parenting with love and logic
649 Deak-- Girls will be girls: raising confident and courageous daughters
649.7 Kivel-- Boys will be men: raising our sons for courage, caring, and community [book]
723.46 Ginsburg-- A parent's guide to building resilience in children and teens

J 158.1 Chicken-- Chicken soup for the kid's soul: 101 stories of courage, hope, and laughter
J 292 Osborne-- The gray-eyed goddess
J 294.3 White-- Courageous captain
J 302.3 Johnson-- Bullies and gangs
J 323 Ringgold-- If a Bus Could Talk
J 324.6 Bausum-- With courage and cloth: winning the fight for a woman's right to vote
J 398.2 Henderson-- Lugalbanda: the boy who got caught up in a war
J 398.2 McCole-- The classic treasury of Grimm's fairy tales
J 398.2 Santangelo-- Brother Wolf of Gubbio: a Legend of St. Francis
J 725 Goodman-- Dark labyrinths
J 741.5 Phelan-- The storm in the barn
J 973.4 Daugherty-- Of courage undaunted
J 974.4 Smith-- Pilgrim courage

J FIC Armstrong-- Sounder
J FIC Brooks-- Freddy and the Ignormus
J FIC Clements-- Jake Drake Bully Buster
J FIC Collins-- Gregor and the code of claw
J FIC Crane-- The red badge of courage
J FIC Dalgliesh-- The courage of Sarah Noble
J FIC Giff-- Nory Ryan's song
J FIC Jenkins-- Toy dance party: being the further adventures of a bossyboots...
J FIC Kimmel-- Sword of the samurai: adventure stories from Japan
J FIC Kipling-- Captains courageous
J FIC Lasky-- A time for courage: the suffragette diary of Kathleen Bowen
J FIC Lin-- The year of the rat: a novel
J FIC Lowry-- Number the stars
J FIC Lupica-- Comeback Kid
J FIC McKay-- Indigo's Star
J FIC McMullan-- Revenge of the dragon lady
J FIC Park-- When my name was Keoko
J FIC Rodolph-- Quest for courage
J FIC Sperry-- Call it courage
J FIC Spinelli-- Stargirl
J FIC Spinelli-- Wringer
J FIC Taylor-- The cay

JER FIC Howe-- Pinky and Rex and the Bully
JP Alexander-- Lucy and the bully
JP FIC Baille-- Rebel
JP FIC Bateman-- The Bully Blockers Club
JP FIC Bunting-- Your move
JP FIC Carlson-- Henry and the Bully
JP FIC Cocca-- Leffler-Bravery Soup
JP FIC Coleman-- White Socks Only
JP FIC Ludwig-- Just Kidding
JP FIC Couric-- The brand new kid
JP FIC Cutler-- The cello of Mr. O
JP FIC Cuyler-- Bullies never win
JP FIC Evans-- A Bus of Our Own
JP FIC Fierstein-- The Sissy Duckling
JP FIC Grey-- Traction Man is here!
JP FIC Hearne-- Seven brave women
JP FIC Henkes-- Sheila Rae, the brave
JP FIC Otoshi-- One
JP FIC Keller-- Brave Horace
JP FIC Kipling-- Rikki-tikki-tavi
JP FIC Lester-- Hooway for Wodney Wat
JP FIC Little-- Jess was the brave one
JP FIC Madrigal-- Erandiís Braids-
JP FIC McCain-- Nobody knew what to do: a story about bullying
JP FIC McKissack-- Precious and the Boo Hag
JP FIC Modin-Ubbin-- My name is Bilal
JP FIC Morgan-- Brave, brave mouse
JP FIC Naylor-- King of the Playground
JP FIC O'Neill-- The Recess Queen
JP FIC Otoshi-- Zero
JP FIC Peet-- Cowardly Clyde
JP FIC Penn-- Chester Raccoon and the big bad bully
JP FIC Rankin-- Wow! It's great being a duck
JP FIC Schoenherr-- Rebel
JP FIC Seeger-- Abiyoyo
JP FIC Spinelli-- A Safe Place Called Home
JP FIC Steig-- Brave Irene
JP FIC Thompson-- Little Quack
JP FIC Turkle-- Do Not Open
JP FIC Waber-- Courage
JP FIC Waber-- Ira Sleeps Over
JP FIC Williams-- The velveteen rabbit or, How toys become real
JP FIC Williams-- The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
JP FIC Winters-- Whooo's haunting the teeny tiny ghost?