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Recent Acquisitions for Phillips Brooks Library
November 19, 2011-May 4, 2012

Parent/Teacher Materials

306.76 Savage-- It gets better : coming out, overcoming bullying, and creating a life worth living
306.89 Ricci-- Mom's house, dad's house : a complete guide for parents who are separated, divorced, or remarried
370.11 Kaye-- The complete guide to service learning : proven, practical ways to engage students in civic responsibility, academic curriculum, & social action
370.118 Robinson-- Out of our minds : learning to be creative
371 Ruef-- The Private Eye: Looking/Thinking by Analogy
371.33 Ray-- Kidspiration for terrified teachers
371.7 Coloroso-- The bully, the bullied, and the bystander : from preschool to high school : how parents and teachers can help break the cycle of violence
372.41 Witherell-- The guided reading classroom : how to keep all students working constructively
510.7 Stenmark-- Family math
649 Coloroso-- Kids are worth it : giving your child the gift of inner discipline
649 Nelson-- Positive discipline A-Z : 1001 solutions to everyday parenting problems
649.1 Placone-- Mindful parent happy child

J 030 World-- The world almanac and book of facts 2012
J 031 McDonald-- Stink-o-pedia : super stink-y stuff from A to Zzzzz
J 211 Silverstein-- Where the sidewalk ends : the poems & drawings of Shel Silverstein.
J 232 Wildsmith-- The Easter story
J 292 Amery-- Usborne Greek myths
J 292 Turnbul--l Greek myths
J 296.4 Heiligman-- Celebrate Hanukkah
J 296.4 Heiligman-- Celebrate Passover
J 296.4 Lehman-Wilzig-- Passover around the world
J 296.4 Musleah-- Apples and pomegranates : a family seder for Rosh Hashanah
J 297.2 Barnard-- The genius of Islam : how Muslims made the modern world
J 323 Kamma-- If you lived when women won their rights
J 327.1 Melton-- The ultimate spy book
J 333.7 Spilsbury-- Solar power
J 333.792 Adams-- Nuclear energy power from the atom
J 338.1 Pollan-- The omnivore's dilemma : the secrets behind what you eat
J 361.2 Kielburger-- Take action : a guide to active citizenship
J 361.2 Kielburger-- Take More Action
J 363.72 Rodger-- Recycling waste
J 385 Simon Seymour-- Simon's book of trains
J 385 Simon Seymour-- Simon's book of trains
J 391.5 Krull Big wig : a little history of hair
J 398.2 Coombs-- Hans My Hedgehog
J 398.2 Craft-- Cinderella
J 398.2 Kimmel-- Joseph and the Sabbath fish
J 398.2 Kimmel-- Medio Pollito : a Spanish tale
J 398.2 Melmed-- Little Oh
J 398.2 StJohn-- The frog king : an African folktale
J 398.2 Zubizarreta-- The woman who outshone the sun : the legend of Lucia Zenteno = La mujer que brillaba aún más que el sol : la leyenda de Lucía Zenteno
J 507.8 Burke-- Backyard : fun experiments for budding scientists
J 507.8 Calver-- Water fun
J 508 Sparrow-- National Audubon Society field guide to California
J 508.7 Alden-- National Audubon Society field guide to California
J 516 Neuschwander-- Mummy math : an adventure in math
J 523.3 deMarin-- The moon book
J 525 Simon-- Earth : our planet in space
J 529 Jenkins-- Just a second
J 530.8 Miura-- Ton
J 551.5 Simon-- Hurricanes
J 551.5 Simon-- Weather
J 576.8 Pringle-- Billions of years, amazing changes : the story of evolution
J 577.7 Collard III-- On the coral reefs
J 590 Dorling-- Dorling Kindersley animal encyclopedia
J 590 FitzSimmons-- Curious critters
J 590.1 Berkes-- Animalogy : animal analogies
J 591.56 Dowson-- North : the amazing story of Arctic migration
J 591.7 Johnson-- Polar sea life
J 595.7 Arlon-- First Facts: Bugs
J 595.7 Siy-- Bug shots : the good, the bad, and the bugly
J 595.78 Aston-- A butterfly is patient
J 595.78 Simon-- Butterflies
J 595.79 Wilson-- Bumblebee
J 597 Simon-- Sharks
J 597.8 Love-- Everything you need to know about frogs and other slippery creatures
J 597.96 Simon-- Giant snakes
J 598.47 Simon-- Penguins
J 598.7 Gish-- Hummingbirds
J 598.7 Kelly-- It's a hummingbird's life
J 598.7 Sill-- About hummingbirds : a guide for children
J 599.2 Antill-- Platypus
J 599.2 Caper-- Platypus : a century-long mystery
J 599.2 George-- Wombats : burrow builders
J 599.2 Kras-- Kangaroos
J 599.2 Kras-- Koalas Kras,
J 599.2 Kras-- Platypuses
J 599.2 Kras-- Wombats
J 599.2 Schuetz-- Koalas
J 599.2 Sirota-- Tasmanian devils
J 599.35 Perkins-- Mouse
J 599.37 Weigl-- Beavers
J 599.5 Otfinoski-- Manatees
J 599.63 Sirota-- Camels
J 599.67 Buckley-- Tarra & Bella : the elephant and dog who became best friends
J 599.75 Riggs-- Leopards
J 599.75 Walden-- Leopards of the African plains
J 599.756 Bodden-- Tigers
J 599.756 Schafer-- Tigers
J 599.77 Simon-- Wolves
J 599.786 Newman-- Polar bears
J 599.79 Person-- Walrus : tusk, tusk
J 599.884 Pimm-- Colo's story : the life of one grand gorilla
J 612.6 Mar-- The body book for boys
J 614.5 Murphy-- An American plague : the true and terrifying story of the yellow fever epidemic of 1793
J 621.31 Dobson-- Wind power : 20 projects to make with paper
J 621.31 Hansen-- Wind energy : blown away!
J 623.82 Ruck-- Submarines
J 629.224 Simon-- Seymour Simon's book of trucks
J 629.4 Simon-- Space travelers
J 636.1 Metz-- Donkeys : jennies, jacks, and foals
J 636.1 Simon-- Horses
J 636.1 Stamps-- Horse
J 636.7 Dennis-- Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine, & a Miracle
J 636.9 Niven-- Learning to care for small mammals
J 641.3 Butterworth How did that get in my lunchbox : the story of food
J 664 McCarthy-- Pop: the invention of bubble gum
J 688.7 Beecroft-- Lego Star Wars : the visual dictionary
J 688.7 Salzmann-- Balls, birdies & pucks
J 741 Kesselring-- 5 steps to drawing faces
J 741.5 Beard-- The adventures of Super Diaper Baby : the first graphic novel
J 741.5 DeFalco-- Spider-man : the ultimate guide
J 741.5 Eaton-- The flying beaver brothers and the evil penguin plan
J 741.5 Hatke-- Zita the spacegirl
J 741.5 Holm-- Brave new pond
J 741.5 Holm-- Squish, Super Amoeba
J 741.5 Kibushi-- The last council
J 741.5 Krosoczka-- Lunch Lady and the author visit vendetta
J 741.5 Krosoczka-- Lunch lady and the cyborg substitute
J 741.5 Krosoczka-- Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians
J 741.5 McCranie-- The adventures of Mal and Chad : the biggest, bestest time ever
J 741.5 Rex-- Fangbone : the egg of misery
J 741.5 Rex-- Fangbone!, third-grade barbarian
J 741.5 Schweizer-- Tricky Coyote tales
J 741.5 Smith The dragonslayer
J 741.5 Telgemeier-- Smile
J 741.5 Varon-- Bake sale
J 741.5 Yolen-- The last dragon
J 741.6 Say-- Drawing from memory
J 742 DuBosque-- Draw 3-D : a step-by-step guide to perspective drawing
J 745.594 Speechley-- Valentine crafts
J 793.2 Kenney-- Cool slumber parties : perfect party planning for kids
J 793.3 Freese-- Hip-hop dancing
J 793.3 Hamilton-- Hip-hop
J 794.1 Dalby-- The Usborne complete book of chess
J 796 Der--Sports Illustrated Kids all access
J 796.3 Gitlin-- Girls play to win softball
J 796.3 Mattern-- Dwight Howard : basketball superstar
J 796.3 Rasemas-- Day by day with Eli Manning
J 796.3 Robinson-- Girls play to win basketball
J 796.3 Sandler-- Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers : Super Bowl XLV
J 796.3 Sandler-- Mark Sanchez
J 796.3 Sandler-- Troy Polamalu
J 796.3 Wilner-- Peyton Manning : a football star who cares
J 796.323 Rappoport-- Basketball's top 10 slam dunkers
J 796.357 Goodman-- The story of the Boston Red Sox
J 796.962 Adams-- Queens of the ice
J 796.962 Diamond-- Complete Hockey Records
J 796.962 Kennedy-- The Hockey book
J 808.81 Becker-- Juba this, juba that
J 811 Coombs-- Water sings blue : ocean poems
J 811 Lai-- Inside out & back again
J 811 Sidman-- Swirl by swirl : spirals in nature
J 811 Williams-- The A to Z of Imaginary Fish
J 812 Pugliano-Martin-- Greek myth plays
J 910 Chesanow-- Where do I live?
J 910.9 Denenberg-- Titanic sinks
J 910.9 McPherson-- Iceberg right ahead! the sinking of the Titanic
J 910.92 Cummins-- Women explorers : perils, pistols, and petticoats
J 929 Gagne-- Using technology to find your family history
J 932 Boyer-- National geographic kids everything Ancient Egypt
J 932 Forest-- Pyramids of ancient Egypt
J 932 Holm-- Everyday life in ancient Egypt
J 932 Matthews-- Pyramids of Giza
J 932 Schuh-- Look inside a pyramid
J 932 Spengler-- Pyramids
J 932 Steele-- I wonder why pyramids were built? and other questions about ancient Egypt
J 940.5 Drez-- Remember D-day : the plan, the invasion, survivor stories
J 940.53 Gruenewald-- Looking like the enemy: my story of imprisonment in Japanese-American internment camps
J 944 Conboy-- France
J 951 Lim-- China
J 952 Somervill-- Japan
J 952 Whyte-- Japan
J 962 Heinrichs-- Egypt
J 962 Simmons-- Egypt
J 966.9 Heinrichs-- Nigeria
J 972 Croy-- Solving the mysteries of Aztec cities
J 973 Nelson-- Heart and soul : the story of America and African Americans
J 973.3 Allen-- Remember Valley Forge : patriots, Tories, and Redcoats tell their stories
J 973.9 Brown-- America is under attack : September 11, 2001 : the day the towers fell
J 974.710 Murphy-- Blizzard : the storm that hanged America Murphy, Jim, 1 In
J 978.004 Collier-- The Sitting Bull you never knew
J 979.4 Duffield-- California history for kids : missions, miners, and moviemakers in the Golden State ;
J 979.4 Gray-- The Maidu
J 979.4 Gray-- Yokut
J 979.4 Hicks-- The Chumash
J 979.4 Olson-- How to get rich in the California Gold Rush : an adventurer's guide to the fabulous riches discovered in 1848
J 979.461 Wellman-- A history of Alcatraz Island, 1853-2008

J B Ali Winter-- Muhammad Ali : champion of the world
J B Beatles Edgers-- Who were the Beatles?
J B Brown Walker-- Freedom song : the story of Henry "Box" Brown
J B Colvin Hoose-- Claudette Colvin : twice toward justice
J B Disney Stewart-- Who was Walt Disney
J B Douglass Cline-Ransome-- Words set me free : the story of young Frederick Douglass
J B Earhart Fleming-- Amelia lost : the life and disappearance of Amelia Earhart
J B Edmonds Moss-- Nurse, soldier, spy : the story of Sarah Edmonds, a Civil War hero
J B Elizabeth Eding-- Who was Queen Elizabeth?
J B Frank Abramson-- Who was Anne Frank?
J B Henry Adler-- A picture book of Patrick Henry
J B Jobs Pollack-- Who was Steve Jobs?
J B Keller Thompson-- Who was Helen Keller
J B Lewis Moss-- The bravest woman in America
J B Louis De La Pena-- A nation's hope : the story of boxing legend Joe Louis
J B Mozart McDonough-- Who was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
J B Picasso Kelley-- Who was Pablo Picasso?
J B Revere Edwards-- Who was Paul Revere?
J B Robinson Herman-- Who was Jackie Robinson?
J B Robinson Prince-- Jackie Robinson : he led the way
J B Roosevelt Kerley-- What to do about Alice : how Alice Roosevelt broke the rules, charmed the world, and drove her father Teddy crazy!
J B Thomas Wyckoff-- Heart man : Vivien Thomas, African-American heart surgery pioneer
J B Tubman McDonough-- Who was Harriet Tubman
J B Tut Edwards-- Who was King Tut?
J B Williams Tavares-- There goes Ted Williams : the greatest hitter who ever lived

J FIC Allison-- Gilda Joyce, psychic investigator : the bones of the holy
J FIC Applegate-- The one and only Ivan
J FIC Atinuke-- Anna Hibiscus
J FIC Avi-- Crispin : the cross of lead
J FIC Barnett-- It happened on a train
J FIC Barrie-- Peter Pan : adapted from the story by J.M. Barrie : a changing picture and lift-the-flap book
J FIC Barrows-- Ivy and Bean : no news is good news
J FIC Barry-- The Bridge to Never Land
J FIC Baum-- The Wizard of Oz
J FIC Beard-- The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby
J FIC Bearn-- Tumtum & Nutmeg : the rose cottage tales
J FIC Bentley-- Classroom chaos
J FIC Breitrose-- Mousenet Breitrose,
J FIC Brooke-- Come what may
J FIC Brooke-- One day you'll know
J FIC Brooke-- Out of the darkness
J FIC Brooke-- Thicker than water
J FIC Brown-- The great Egyptian grave robbery
J FIC Brunkus-- Junie B. Jones is a party animal
J FIC Buckey-- The stolen sapphire : a Samantha mystery
J FIC Buckley-- NERDS 2 : M is for Mama's boy
J FIC Buckley-- NERDS : the cheerleaders of doom
J FIC Cameron-- Spunky tells all
J FIC Carman-- Floors
J FIC Carter-- Only the good spy young
J FIC Carter-- Out of sight, out of time
J FIC Carter-- Uncommon criminals : a Heist society novel
J FIC Cleary-- Beezus and Ramona
J FIC CLements-- Extra credit
J FIC Clements-- Fear itself
J FIC Clements-- The whites of their eyes
J FIC Coleman-- Shadows on Society Hill : an Addy mystery
J FIC Coville-- Juliet Dove, Queen of Love
J FIC Cowell-- How to break a dragon's heart
J FIC Curtis-- The mighty Miss Malone
J FIC Dahl-- Charlie and the great glass elevator
J FIC Dahl-- The magic finger
J FIC Dahl-- The Twits
J FIC Danziger-- Amber Brown wants extra credit
J FIC Davies-- The Lemonade Crime
J FIC Davies-- The lemonade war
J FIC Dowell-- Dovey Coe
J FIC Dowell-- The secret language of girls
J FIC DuPrau-- The City of Ember
J FIC DuPrau-- The people of Sparks
J FIC Epstein-- The Familiars
J FIC Epstein-- Secrets of the Crown
J FIC Fagan-- Circus Galacticus
J FIC Farley-- The black stallion's filly
J FIC Fraustino-- I walk in dread : the diary of Deliverance Trembley, witness to the Salem witch trials
J FIC Gantos-- Dead end in Norvelt
J FIC George-- Tuesdays at the castle
J FIC Giff-- Bears beware
J FIC Giff-- Willow Run
J FIC Greenwald-- Reel life starring us
J FIC Grisham-- Theodore Boone : the abduction
J FIC Gutman-- Babe & me : a baseball card adventure
J FIC Gutman-- Ms. Krup cracks me up
J FIC Gutman-- Satch & me : a baseball card adventure
J FIC Gutman-- Shoeless Joe & me : a baseball card adventure
J FIC Hapka-- Yatimah
J FIC Hart-- Risky Chance
J FIC Hathaway-- Letters to Missy Violet
J FIC Hathaway-- Missy Violet & me
J FIC Henkes-- Junonia Henkes,
J FIC Hermes-- Black Cloud
J FIC Hiassen-- Chomp
J FIC Higginson-- Keeker and the Sneaky Pony
J FIC Higginson-- Keeker and the crazy upside-down birthday
J FIC Hunter-- The last hope
J FIC Hyde-- Saving Arm Pit
J FIC Jenkins-- Toys come home : being the early experiences of an intelligent stingray, a brave buffalo, and a brand-new someone called Plastic
J FIC Kelly-- The Astro outlaw
J FIC Kelly-- The L.A. Dodger
J FIC Kelly-- The evolution of Calpurnia Tate
J FIC Kelly-- Melonhead and the undercover operation
J FIC Kinney-- Diary of a wimpy kid : Cabin fever
J FIC Kinsman-- Flickering hope
J FIC Kinsman-- Shades of truth
J FIC Kinsman-- Waves of light
J FIC Konigsburg-- A proud taste for scarlet and miniver
J FIC Korman-- The Medusa plot
J FIC LaFevers-- The basilisk's lair
J FIC Larson-- The fences between us : the diary of Piper Davis
J FIC Lin-- Dumpling days
J FIC Look-- Alvin Ho : allergic to birthday parties, science projects, and other man-made catastrophes
J FIC Lowry-- Gooney Bird and the room mother
J FIC Lowry-- Gooney Bird Greene
J FIC Lowry-- Like the willow tree : the diary of Lydia Amelia Pierce
J FIC Margolis-- Vanishing acts : a Maggie Brooklyn mystery
J FIC McDonald-- Stink and the ultimate thumb-wrestling smackdown
J FIC McDonald-- Judy Moody goes to college
J FIC McDonald-- The Sisters Club
J FIC McDonald-- The Sisters Club: Rule of three
J FIC McMahen-- Box of shocks
J FIC Meadows-- Jessica the jazz fairy
J FIC Meloy-- Wildwood
J FIC Meloy-- The Apothecary
J FIC Miles-- Buddy
J FIC Miles-- Flash
J FIC Miles-- Goldie
J FIC Miles-- Rascal
J FIC Miles-- Shadow
J FIC Miles-- Snowball
J FIC Mills-- Mason Dixon : basketball disasters
J FIC Mongredien-- Happy Birthday Oliver Moon
J FIC Mongredie--n Oliver Moon and the Broomstick Battle
J FIC Mongredien-- Oliver Moon and the Monster Mystery
J FIC Mongredien-- Oliver Moon and the Monster Mystery
J FIC Mongredien-- Oliver Moon and the Nipperbat Nightmare
J FIC Mongredien-- Oliver Moon and the Potion Commotion
J FIC Mongredien-- Oliver Moon and the Spell-Off
J FIC Mongredien-- Oliver Moon's Fangtastic Sleepover
J FIC Mongredien-- Oliver Moon's Summer Howliday
J FIC Osborne-- Abe Lincoln at last
J FIC Palacio-- Wonder
J FIC Park-- Storm warning
J FIC Patron-- Behind the masks : the diary of Angeline Reddy
J FIC Paver-- Ghost hunter
J FIC Paver-- Oath breaker
J FIC Paver-- Outcast
J FIC Paver-- Soul Eater
J FIC Paver-- Spirit Walker
J FIC Paver-- Wolf brother
J FIC Peirce-- Big Nate on a roll
J FIC Penchina-- The Magic Seekers
J FIC Pennypacker-- The amazing world of Stuart
J FIC Pierce-- Briar's book
J FIC Pierce-- Daja's book
J FIC Pierce-- Sandry's book
J FIC Pierce-- Tris's book
J FIC Preus-- Heart of a samurai : based on the true story of Nakahama Manjiro
J FIC Riddell-- Ottoline goes to school
J FIC Riordan-- The demigod files
J FIC Riordan-- The serpent's shadow
J FIC Riordan-- The throne of fire
J FIC Roy-- The school skeleton
J FIC Sanderson-- Golden Sun
J FIC Saunders-- Beswitched
J FIC Scaletta-- The Tanglewood Terror
J FIC Senzai-- Shooting Kabul
J FIC Sharmat-- Nate the Great and the snowy trail
J FIC Simon-- Katie, batter up
J FIC Simon-- Mia's baker's dozen
J FIC Sobol-- Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the carnival crime
J FIC Spinelli-- Love, Stargirl
J FIC Stewart-- The extraordinary education of Nicholas Benedict
J FIC Stilton-- The amazing voyage : the third adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy
J FIC Stilton-- I'm not a supermouse
J FIC Stilton-- Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro
J FIC Stilton-- The peculiar pumpkin thief
J FIC Stilton-- The search for sunken treasure
J FIC Stilton-- Thea Stilton and the ghost of the shipwreck
J FIC Stilton-- Thea Stilton and the secret city
J FIC Stilton-- Thea Stilton and the secret of the old castle
J FIC Stilton-- Thea Stilton and the cherry blossom adventure
J FIC Stilton-- Thea Stilton and the mystery in Paris
J FIC Stilton-- Thea Stilton and the star castaways
J FIC Stringer-- Spellbinder
J FIC Trivas-- The wish stealers
J FIC Turner-- The thief
J FIC Ursu-- The Shadow Thieves
J FIC Ursu-- Breadcrumbs
J FIC Van Allsburg-- The chronicles of Harris Burdick : fourteen amazing authors tell the tales
J FIC Voake-- Daisy Dawson and the big freeze
J FIC Voake-- Daisy Dawson and the secret pond
J FIC Voake-- Daisy Dawson is on her way
J FIC Walden-- H.I.V.E : Higher-Institute-of-Villainous-Education
J FIC Watson-- The desperate mission
J FIC Watson-- A king's ransom
J FIC Watson-- Last of the Jedi: Against the empire
J FIC Watson-- Reckoning
J FIC Watson-- Secret weapon
J FIC Watson-- A tangled web
J FIC Watson-- Underworld
J FIC Wells-- Mackenzie Blue
J FIC Wells-- Mackenzie Blue : friends forever
J FIC Wells-- Mackenzie Blue : mixed messages
J FIC West-- The angry elf
J FIC West-- Double trouble dwarfs
J FIC West-- The greedy gremlin
J FIC West-- The pet store Sprite
J FIC West-- Sprite's secret
J FIC Weyn-- Learning to fly
J FIC Weyn-- Playing for keeps
J FIC Weyn-- Stealing the prize
J FIC Weyn-- Taking the leap
J FIC Weyn-- Wildwood Stables: Daring to dream
J FIC Weyn-- Wildwood Stables: Racing against time
J FIC Wright-- Crow -

Early Readers 

JER FIC Arnold-- Fly high, Fly Guy
JER FIC Blackford-- Bill's bike
JER FIC Dunrea-- Gideon
JER FIC Dunrea-- Gideon & Otto
JER FIC Griffiths-- The cat on the mat is flat
JER FIC Griffiths-- Killer koalas from outer space : and lots of other very bad stuff that will make your brain explode!
JER FIC Hill-- Spot's Valentine
JER FIC Seuss-- Hop on Pop
JER FIC Willems-- Happy Pig Day
JER FIC Willems-- Listen to my trumpet

Picture Books

JP FIC Barnett-- Extra yarn
JP FIC Bringsvaerd-- Ruffen : the sea serpent who couldn't swim
JP FIC Brown-- The curious garden
JP FIC Brown-- You will be my friend
JP FIC Brumbeau-- The Quiltmaker's Journey
JP FIC Clements-- Double trouble in Walla Walla
JP FIC Cooke-- So much
JP FIC Cordell-- Another brother
JP FIC Dyckman-- Boy and Bot
JP FIC Ehlert-- Leaf Man
JP FIC Evans-- We March
JP FIC Evans-- Underground
JP FIC Felix-- The Rumor
JP FIC Foggo-- Dear baobab
JP FIC Fogliano-- And then it's spring
JP FIC Frazee-- Walk on : a guide for babies of all ages
JP FIC Freedman-- Blue chicken
JP FIC Fucile-- Let's do nothing
JP FIC Grifalconi-- The village that vanished
JP FIC Jeffers-- Stuck
JP FIC Jimenez-- La mariposa
JP FIC Johnson-- The leaving morning
JP FIC Johnson-- When I am old with you
JP FIC Kaplan-- Betty Bunny wants everything
JP FIC Katz-- My First Kwanzaa
JP FIC Lewis-- Friends
JP FIC Lindgren-- Goran's Great Escape
JP FIC Lionni-- Alexander and the wind-up mouse
JP FIC Lionni-- It's Mine
JP FIC Ludwig-- Better than you
JP FIC Lyons-- Ellen's broom
JP FIC Maccarone-- Miss Lina's ballerinas and the prince
JP FIC McMullan-- I'm fast
JP FIC Mitton-- I see the moon
JP FIC Nambiar-- Maybe : a little zen for little ones
JP FIC Nordquist-- The Tomtes' Christmas Porridge
JP FIC Park-- The Have a Good Day Cafe
JP FIC Park-- The Have a Good Day Cafe
JP FIC Petersen-- Snowy Valentine
JP FIC Pushker-- Toby Belfer never had a Christmas tree
JP FIC Randall-- I'm a big brother
JP FIC Raschka-- A ball for Daisy
JP FIC Rosenthal-- Little Hoot
JP FIC Rosenthal-- Little Oink
JP FIC Rosenthal Little Pea
JP FIC Rumford Rain school
JP FIC Runton-- Owly & Wormy, friends all aflutter
JP FIC Say-- Emma's rug
JP FIC Seuss-- Oh, the places you'll go
JP FIC Sierra-- The secret science project that almost ate the school
JP FIC Slobodkina-- Caps for sale : a tale of a peddler, some monkeys, and their monkey business
JP FIC Snicket-- The composer is dead
JP FIC Stead-- Jonathan and the big blue boat
JP FIC Stoeke-- Pip's trip
JP FIC Stuchner-- Can hens give milk
JP FIC Sweet-- A giant crush
JP FIC Taback-- Simms Taback's farm animals
JP FIC Taylor-- The grizzly bear with the frizzly hair
JP FIC Thomas-- The Mighty Thor : an origin story
JP FIC Van Allsburg-- The mysteries of Harris Burdick
JP FIC Van Dusen-- The circus ship
JP FIC Wells-- Max & Ruby's bedtime book
JP FIC Wells-- Max's valentine
JP FIC Willems-- The duckling gets a cookie
JP FIC Willis-- The bog baby

Digital Materials
CD J FIC Lindgren-- Pippi Longstocking
CD J FIC Riordan-- The last Olympian
CD J FIC Riordan-- The lightning thief
CD J FIC Riordan-- The sea of monsters
CD J FIC Riordan-- The Titan's curse
CD J FIC Weiss-- Mystery! mystery : Sherlock Holmes, Father Brown, Auguste Dupin for children In
CD J FIC Weiss-- Spooky classics for children
J CD FIC Coville-- Into the land of the unicorns
J CD FIC Gregory-- Cannons at dawn : the second diary of Abigail Jane Stewart
J CD FIC Osborne-- Magic Tree House: Books 17-24
J CD FIC Osborne-- Magic tree house collection #2
J CD FIC Riordan-- The battle of the Labyrinth
J CD FIC Rowling-- Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
J CD FIC Rowling-- Harry Potter and the deathly hallows
J CD FIC Rowling-- Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
J CD FIC Rowling-- Harry Potter and the half-blood prince
J CD FIC Rowling-- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
J CD FIC Rowling-- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
J CD FIC Rowling-- Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban
J CD FIC Rowling-- Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone
J DVD 793.3 Barak-- Urban jam : hip hop dance with Laya Barak.


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