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Recent Acquisitions for Phillips Brooks Library
May 18, 2011 - November 18, 2011

Parent/Teacher Materials

158.1 Stoltz-- Adversity quotient : turning obstacles into opportunities
305.23 Pipher-- Reviving Ophelia : saving the selves of adolescent girls
370-- Wagner The global achievement gap : why even our best schools don't teach...
370.118 Robinson-- Out of our minds : learning to be creative
371.33 November-- Empowering students with technology
372.6 Boushey-- The CAFE book : engaging all students in daily literacy assessment...
372.6 Common-- Common Core curriculum maps in English language arts, grades K-5
372.6 Diller-- Spaces & places : designing classrooms for literacy
809 Bomer-- Writing a life : teaching memoir to sharpen insight, shape meaning...


J 292 Horowitz-- Battles and Quests
J 292 Horowitz-- Beasts and Monsters
J 292 Napoli-- Treasury of Greek mythology : classic stories of gods, goddesses, heroes...
J 296 Senker-- Judaism : signs, symbols, and stories
J 304.8 Landau-- Ellis Island
J 306.85 Hoffman-- The great big book of families
J 306.89 Brown-- Dinosaurs divorce : a guide for changing families
J 323 Zeiger-- The civil rights movement
J 363.34 Fortey-- Natural disasters
J 363.34 Langley-- Hurricanes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters
J 363.34 Osborne-- Tsunamis and other natural disasters : a nonfiction companion to...
J 372.35 Stone-- Smart by nature : schooling for sustainability
J 372.62 Montanar--Josephine Nobisso's show, don't tell : secrets of writing
J 392.3 Laroche-- If you lived here : houses of the world
J 398.2 Grimm-- Rumpelstiltskin : a fairy tale
J 398.2 Jones-- Heetunka's harvest : a tale of the Plains Indians
J 398.2 Kimmel-- The flying canoe : a Christmas story
J 398.2 Kimmel-- Joseph and the Sabbath fish
J 398.2 Kimmel-- Medio Pollito : a Spanish tale
J 398.2 Kimmel-- The tale of Ali Baba and the forty thieves : a story from the Arabian nights
J 398.2 McDermott-- Monkey : a trickster tale from India
J 398.2 Namm-- Greek myths
J 398.2 Noble-- A Christmas spider's miracle
J 398.2 Singh-- Nearly nonsense : Hoja tales from Turkey
J 398.2 Uberoi-- The Puffin book of classic Indian tales for children
J 398.2 Usborne-- Usborne illustrated fairy tales
J 398.2 Yolen-- Sister Bear : a Norse tale
J 398.2 Young-- Monkey King
J 508 Sparrow-- The natural world close-up
J 510 Ball-- Go figure
J 512.9 Schwartz-- You can count on monsters : the first 100 numbers and their characters
J 523.2 Goldsmith-- Stars & planets
J 529 Jenkins-- Just a second
J 550 Taylor-- Planet Earth
J 551.4 Gray-- Rivers
J 551.4 Green-- Coasts
J 551.4 Green-- Mountains
J 551.46 Fradin-- Tsunamis
J 551.48 Lyon-- All the water in the world
J 567.9 Dixon-- Visual encyclopedia of dinosaurs
J 567.9 Mehling-- Giant Plant-Eating Dinosaurs
J 567.9 Mehling-- Giant Meat-Eating Dinosaurs
J 569 Sloan-- Baby mammoth mummy : frozen in time : a prehistoric animal's journey into...
J 589.2 National-- National Audubon Society field guide to North American mushrooms
J 590 Berger-- 101 freaky animals
J 590.3 Animals-- Animals : a children's encyclopedia.
J 591.5 Kelly-- Even an octopus needs a home
J 591.56 Rylant-- The journey : stories of migration
J 591.7 Johnson-- Polar sea life
J 591.9 Ganeri-- Africa's most amazing animals
J 595 National-- The Audubon Society field guide to North American insects and spiders
J 597 National-- National Audubon Society field guide to fishes
J 597 Roza-- Chomp : the great white shark and other animals that bite
J 597.92 Green-- Turtles
J 597.96 Somerville-- Snakes
J 598.7 Kelly-- It's a hummingbird's life
J 598.7 Sill-- About hummingbirds : a guide for children
J 599.097 Burt-- A field guide to the mammals : North America north of Mexico
J 599.2 Antill-- Platypus
J 599.2 Caper-- Platypus : a century-long mystery
J 599.33 Leach-- Hedgehog
J 599.35 Webster-- Porcupines
J 599.36 Ciovacco-- Squirrels
J 608 Lee- Biomimicry
J 612.6 Harris-- Who has what : all about girls' bodies and boys' bodies .
J 613 Oetting-- Germs
J 620 Enz-- Build your own periscope, flashlight, and other useful stuff
J 621.31 Dobson-- Wind power : 20 projects to make with paper
J 621.36 Billings-- Lasers : the technology and uses of crafted light
J 623.7 Alvarez-- F-35 Lightning II
J 623.7 Alvarez-- MH-53E Sea Dragons
J 623.7 Alvarez-- Strykers
J 623.74 Alvarez-- V-22 Ospreys
J 623.8 Alvarez-- Arleigh Burke destroyers
J 623.8 Alvarez-- Ticonderoga cruisers
J 625.1 Shields-- Trains
J 629 Enz-- Build your own car, rocket, and other things that go
J 629.13 Nahum-- Flight
J 636.7 Fogle-- Dogalog
J 638 Burns-- The hive detectives : chronicle of a honey bee catastrophe
J 641.5 Wagner-- Cool Chinese and Japanese cooking : fun and tasty recipes for kids
J 641.8 Bauer-- Jeni's splendid ice creams at home
J 688.1 Lego-- LEGO Ideas Book : Unlock Your Imagination
J 688.7 LEGO-- LEGO Harry Potter : building the magical world
J 688.7 Salzmann-- Balls, birdies & pucks
J 693 Schuh-- Look inside an igloo
J 728 Preszler-- Igloos
J 741.5 Arni-- Sita's Ramayana
J 741.5 Bannister-- The Elsewhere Chronicles: The Master of Shadows
J 741.5 Bannister-- The shadow door
J 741.5 Bannister-- The Shadow Spies
J 741.5 Bannister-- The Elsewhere Chronicles: The Calling
J 741.5 Gilroy-- Star wars, the clone wars : Shipyards of doom
J 741.5 O'Connor-- Hera : the goddess and her glory
J 741.5 Ostrander-- Star Wars, the clone wars : the Wind Raiders of Taloraan
J 741.5 Spires-- Binky the space cat
J 741.5 Spires-- Binky to the rescue
J 741.5 Spires-- Binky under pressure
J 742 DuBosque-- Draw 3-D : a step-by-step guide to perspective drawing
J 745.7 Fisher-- The art of rock painting
J 746.46 Edwards-- Start to quilt : all the basics plus learn-to-quilt projects
J 760 Rubin-- Edward Hopper : painter of light and shadow
J 793.74 Colgan-- Mathemagic : number tricks
J 796.3 Gitlin-- Girls play to win softball
J 796.3 Gitlin-- San Francisco Giants
J 796.3 Kassouf-- Girls play to win soccer
J 796.3 Robinson-- Girls play to win basketball
J 796.3 Sandler-- Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers : Super Bowl XLV
J 796.3 Sandler-- Mark Sanchez
J 796.3 Wilner-- Peyton Manning : a football star who cares
J 796.323 Gatto-- Kevin Garnett : a basketball star who cares
J 796.323 Osier-- Dirk Nowitzki
J 796.323 Peters-- On the court with-- Dwight Howard
J 796.332 Frisch-- Denver Broncos
J 796.332 Wilner-- Football's top 10 running backs
J 796.6 Deady-- BMX bikes Deady
J 796.6 Doeden-- BMX freestyle
J 796.6 HON-- BMX riding skills : the guide to flatland tricks
J 796.6 Thomas-- Freestyle BMX
J 796.9 Doeden-- BMX Freestyle
J 796.91 McDougall-- Girls play to win figure skating
J 811 Dakos-- A funeral in the bathroom : and other school bathroom poems
J 811 Silverstein-- Every thing on it : poems and drawings
J 831 Rasmussen-- A little bitty man and other poems for the very young
J 910.9 Benolt-- The Titanic disaster
J 910.9 Denenberg-- Titanic sinks
J 910.9 McPherson-- Iceberg right ahead! the sinking of the Titanic
J 929 Gagne-- Using technology to find your family history
J 929 Orr-- How to research your ancestry
J 959.3 Morris-- Tsunami : helping each other
J 971.9 Murphy-- Gold rush women
J 971.9 Spilsbury-- Igloos and Inuit life
J 973.9 Brown-- America is under attack : September 11, 2001 : the day the towers fell
J 979.4 Gray-- The Maidu
J 979.4 Gray-- Yokut
J 979.4 Gray-Kanatiiosh-- Cahuilla
J 979.4 Gray-Kanatiiosh-- Chumash
J 979.4 Gray-Kanatiiosh-- The Miwok
J 979.4 Gray-Kanatiiosh-- Modoc
J 979.4 Gray-Kanatiiosh-- Mojave
J 979.4 Gray-Kanatiiosh-- Paiute
J 979.4 Murphy-- Children of Alcatraz : growing up on the rock
J 979.4 Sonneborn-- The Chumash
J 979.8 Murphy-- Children of the Gold Rush
J 986.6 Henzel-- Galápagos Islands

J B Blackwell-- Mader Elizabeth
J B Adler-- Frederick Douglass : a noble life
J B Mitchell-- Driven : a photobiography of Henry Ford
J B Gosman-- Thomas Jefferson
J B Gosman-- Martin Luther King Jr
J B Murphy-- Chico Mendes Murphy
J B Goldstein-- John Muir
J B Johnston-- Levi Strauss gets a bright idea or : the positively true...
J B Allsburg-- Queen of the Falls
J B Christopher-- On the court with-- Venus and Serena Williams


J FIC Alexander-- The castle of Llyr
J FIC Alexander-- The golden dream of Carlo Chuchio
J FIC Angleberger-- Darth Paper strikes back : an Origami Yoda book
J FIC Angleberger-- Horton Halfpott, or, The fiendish mystery of Smugwick Manor...
J FIC Angleberger-- The strange case of Origami Yoda Angleberger
J FIC Atinuke-- Anna Hibiscus
J FIC Atinuke-- Good luck, Anna hibiscus
J FIC Auxier-- Peter Nimble and his fantastic eyes : a story
J FIC Avi-- Poppy
J FIC Babbitt-- Kneeknock Rise
J FIC Barry-- Science fair : a story of mystery, danger, international suspense, and...
J FIC Beard-- Super Diaper Baby 2 : the invasion of the potty snatchers : the third...
J FIC Becker-- The magical Ms. Plum
J FIC Bisson-- Crossfire
J FIC Blume-- Otherwise known as Sheila the Great
J FIC Buckley-- NERDS : National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society
J FIC Burnford-- The incredible journey
J FIC Butler-- The Buddy files : the case of the lost boy
J FIC Cameron-- Spunky tells all
J FIC Carman-- Floors
J FIC Carman-- Shantorian
J FIC Cowell-- How to break a dragon's heart
J FIC Crilley-- Akiko on the planet Smoo
J FIC Daneshvari-- School of Fear: Class is not dismissed
J FIC Duey-- The full moon
J FIC DuPrau-- The city of Ember
J FIC Eames-- The dagger Quick
J FIC Ende-- The neverending story
J FIC Ernst-- Secrets in the hills : a Josefina mystery
J FIC Estes-- The Moffats
J FIC George-- Tuesdays at the castle
J FIC Graff-- The thing about Georgie : a novel
J FIC Graves-- The orphan of Awkward Falls
J FIC Haddix-- Into the gauntlet
J FIC Haddix-- Torn
J FIC Hand-- Maze of deception : [a Clone Wars novel]
J FIC Hand-- A new threat
J FIC Hardy-- The shifter
J FIC Henkes-- Junonia
J FIC Hunter-- Skyclan's destiny
J FIC Hyde-- Saving Arm Pit
J FIC Jenkins-- Toys come home : being the early experiences of an intelligent stingray...
J FIC Keene-- The mystery at Lilac Inn
J FIC Kinney-- Diary of a wimpy kid : Cabin fever
J FIC Kinsman-- Flickering hope
J FIC Kinsman-- Shades of truth
J FIC Korman-- The Medusa plot
J FIC Laurie-- The curse of Deadman's Forest
J FIC Levine-- A tale of Two Castles
J FIC Lowry-- Gooney Bird on the map
J FIC MacLachlan-- Waiting for the magic
J FIC Maddox-- BMX challenge
J FIC Mantchev-- Perchance to dream
J FIC Martin-- Ten rules for living with my sister
J FIC Mass-- 13 gifts
J FIC Meadows-- Jade the disco fairy
J FIC Meadows-- Rebecca the rock 'n' roll fairy
J FIC Meloy-- Wildwood
J FIC Nix-- Troubletwisters
J FIC O'Hara-- My friend Flicka
J FIC Paolini-- Inheritance
J FIC Park-- Junie B., first grader : boss of lunch
J FIC Paterson-- The flint heart
J FIC Paterson-- The great Gilly Hopkins
J FIC Peck-- Secrets at sea
J FIC Peirce-- Big Nate on a roll
J FIC Pennypacker-- Clementine and the family meeting
J FIC Pilkey-- The adventures of Super Diaper Baby : the first graphic novel...
J FIC Reiss-- The tangled web : a Julie mystery
J FIC Riordan-- The son of Neptune
J FIC Riordan-- The throne of fire
J FIC Rowling-- Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
J FIC Roy-- The canary caper
J FIC Schmidt-- Okay for now
J FIC Scieszka-- Thriller
J FIC Selznick-- Wonderstruck
J FIC Shaw-- The silent stranger : a Kaya mystery
J FIC Shusterman-- Everlost
J FIC Simon-- Alexis and the perfect recipe
J FIC Simon-- Emma on thin icing
J FIC Simon-- Katie and the cupcake cure
J FIC Simon-- Mia in the mix
J FIC Simon-- Horrid Henry rocks
J FIC Sobol-- Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the carnival crime
J FIC Stanley-- The mysterious matter of I.M. Fine
J FIC Stine-- It's the first day of school-- forever
J FIC Tolkien-- The lord of the rings
J FIC Urban-- Hound dog true
J FIC Vande Velde-- Cloaked in red
J FIC Vernick-- Water balloon
J FIC Vernon-- Attack of the ninja frogs
J FIC Vernon-- Curse of the were-wiener
J FIC Vernon-- Lair of the bat monster
J FIC Wallace-- Beauty
J FIC West-- Star Wars : the Clone wars
J FIC Woods-- Saint Louis Armstrong Beach
J FIC Wright-- The ghost of Popcorn Hill

Early Readers 

JER FIC Arnold-- Fly Guy vs. the fly swatter
JER FIC Beecroft-- Star wars
JER FIC Blackford-- Bill's bike
JER FIC Chaconas-- Cork and Fuzz: best friends
JER FIC Chaconas-- Cork and Fuzz : swimming lessons
JER FIC Chaconas-- Cork and Fuzz : the babysitters
JER FIC Dunrea-- Ollie the Stomper
JER FIC Dunrea-- Ollie's Halloween
JER FIC Henkes-- Wemberly's ice-cream star
JER FIC Hill-- Where's Spot
JER FIC Meister-- I love trees
JER FIC Richards-- Star Wars: the Clone Wars : don't wake the Zillo Beast!
JER FIC Rylant-- Henry and Mudge and the long weekend
JER FIC Rylant-- Mr. Putter & Tabby ring the bell
JER FIC Saunders-- Star wars
JER FIC Taylor-Butler-- Water everywhere
JER FIC Trumbauer-- A tooth is loose
JER FIC Willems-- Happy Pig Day
JER FIC Willems-- I broke my trunk!
JER FIC Willems-- Should I share my ice cream

Picture Books

JP FIC Bang-- Goose
JP FIC Barnes-- Ernest and Elston
JP FIC Barron-- Ghost hands : a story inspired by Patagonia's Cave of the Hands
JP FIC Buzzeo-- Lighthouse Christmas
JP FIC Carle-- Papa, please get the moon for me
JP FIC Chabon-- The astonishing secret of Awesome Man
JP FIC Clark-- The magical Christmas horse
JP FIC Cohen-- Engineer Ari and the Hanukkah mishap
JP FIC Cole-- The littlest evergreen
JP FIC Coy-- Strong to the hoop
JP FIC Crimi-- Rock 'n' roll Mole
JP FIC Currier-- Kai's journey to Gold Mountain : an Angel Island story
JP FIC Curtis-- Is there really a human race
JP FIC dePaola-- Strega Nona's gift
JP FIC DiPucchio-- Clink
JP FIC Dunrea-- A Christmas tree for Pyn
JP FIC Falwell-- Pond babies F
JP FIC Foggo-- Dear baobab
JP FIC Freedman-- Blue chicken
JP FIC Galvin-- River Otter at Autumn Lane
JP FIC Garland-- Oh, What a Christmas
JP FIC Hall-- Perfect square
JP FIC Henrichs-- When Anju loved being an elephant
JP FIC Hickman-- It's moving day
JP FIC Hoffman-- Grace at Christmas
JP FIC Javaherbin-- Goal!
JP FIC Jimenez-- La mariposa
JP FIC Juster-- Neville
JP FIC Keller-- Arnie the doughnut
JP FIC Kostecki-Shaw-- Same, same, but different
JP FIC LaRochelle-- The haunted hamburger and other ghostly stories
JP FIC Lester-- Wodney Wat's wobot
JP FIC Lewis-- I love you like crazy cakes
JP FIC Lionni-- Swimmy
JP FIC London-- Froggy goes to camp
JP FIC London-- Froggy goes to Hawaii
JP FIC London-- Froggy's sleepover
JP FIC Ludwig-- Better than you
JP FIC Maccarone-- Miss Lina's ballerinas and the prince
JP FIC McDonnel--l Me-- Jane
JP FIC Murph--y Marching with Aunt Susan : Susan B. Anthony and the fight for women's...
JP FIC Nordquist-- The Tomtes' Christmas Porridge
JP FIC Numeroff-- If you give a dog a donut
JP FIC Park-- Good-bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong
JP FIC Park-- The Have a Good Day Cafe
JP FIC Pett-- The girl who never made mistakes
JP FIC Polacco-- Bun Bun Button
JP FIC Posada-- Play ball
JP FIC Rodriguez-- Out of the ballpark
JP FIC Rohmann-- Bone dog
JP FIC Rosenthal-- This plus that : life's little equations
JP FIC Rylant-- Moonlight : the Halloween cat
JP FIC Rylant-- The ticky-tacky doll
JP FIC Sendak-- Chicken soup with rice : a book of months
JP FIC Seuss-- Oh, the places you'll go
JP FIC Showers-- The listening walk
JP FIC Smith-- Grandpa Green
JP FIC Taback-- Simms Taback's farm animals
JP FIC Van Allsburg-- The mysteries of Harris Burdick
JP FIC Wallace-- Ready! Set! 100th day Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth.
JP FIC Walsh-- Sammy in the sky
JP FIC Willems-- Hooray for Amanda and her alligator
JP FIC Winters-- This school year will be the best
JP FIC Yolen-- The day Tiger Rose said goodbye
JP FIC Schachner-- Skippyjon Jones-- lost in spice

Digital Materials

J CD FIC Blume-- Superfudge
J CD FIC Cleary-- Ramona the Pest/Ramona Forever
J CD FIC Osborne-- Magic Tree House Collection
J CD FIC White-- Charlotte's web


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