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The Fourth and Fifth Graders recommend....
Mystery Titles

Fourth graders came up with some of these titles, and Ms. Roby added some others she thought our older readers would also enjoy.

Abrahams- The Echo Falls mysteries
Allison-Gilda Joyce series
Balliett- Chasing Vermeer and other titles
Barnett- Brixton Brothers mysteries
Bellairs-Several titles
Bosch- If You're Reading This... and other titles
Broach-Shakespeare's Secret
Brockmeier- Grooves: A Kind of Mystery
Buckley-The Sisters' Grimm mysteries
Byars- The Herculeah Jones Mysteries
Carman- Skeleton Creek series
Cheshire- Saxby Smart mysteries
Christopher- The Hockey Machine
Clements-Room One
Clements- We the People
Colfer- Half Moon Investigations
Curtis-Mr. Chickee's Funny Money
Dixon-The Hardy Boy series
Dowd- The London Eye Mystery
Doyle- The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Duncan-Locked in Time
Feinstein- Last Shot
Fleischman- Jim Ugly
Funke-Thief Lord
Gutman- The Million Dollar Strike
Hale- The Chet Gecko mysteries
Hamilton- The House of Dies Drear
Hautman- The Bloodwater mysteries
Higson- The Young James Bond Adventures
Horowitz- The Diamond Brothers Mysteries
Hoeye-Time Stops for No Mouse series
Howe- Bunnicula stories
Jones- Lady Margaret's Ghost
Keene-Nancy Drew mysteries
Kehret- Spy Cat and other titles
Kelly- The Ballpark mysteries
Klise-Regarding the Bathroom mystery
Klise- Letters from Camp
Konigsburg- From the Mixed up Files....
Lawrence-The Roman Mysteries series
Montgomery- The Case of the St
inky Socks
Napoli- Sly the Sleuth mysteries
Naylor-Bernie Magruder mysteries
Petersen- Liars
Pullman-The Sally Lockhart mysteries
Raskin-The Westing Game
Roberts-The View from the Cherry Tree
Sherry- Walls within Walls
Simon- Einstein Anderson mysteries
Springer- The Case of the Missing Marquess
Stewart- The Mysterious Benedict Society books
Strickland- The Hand of the Necromancer
Van Allsburg-The Chronicles of Harris Burdick
Van Draanen-Sammy Keyes mysteries
Warner- Box Car mysteries
Woods- Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place books
Wright-A Ghost in the Family and other of her books

Various authors: 39 Clues
Various authors: The American Girl mysteries


Revisited 6/2013