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Historical Fiction for Fourth and Fifth Graders


Historical fiction deals with events that could really happen in life.
The events in historical fiction take place during a historic period of time.

Any of the Dear America diaries for boys and girls
Any of the Girls of Many Lands books
Anderson- Chains and the sequel Forge-Revolutionary War
Armstrong-Sounder-Late 1800's, Southern U.S.
Avi-Crispin-14th C., England
Avi-Something Upstairs-19th C., Rhode Island
Avi-True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle-19th C., England/US
Blackwood- The Shakespeare Stealer- 1602, England
Boyne- The Boy in the Striped Pajamas-1942, Berlin
Brink-Caddie Woodlawn-19th C., Wisconsin
Choldenko-Al Capone Does My Shirts-1930's, Alcatraz Island
Clapp-Constance-17th C., Plymouth
Clapp-Witches’ Children-1692, Massachusetts
Carbone- Blood on the River- Jamestown, 1607
Collier-Jump Ship to Freedom-1780s, Connecticut
Collier-My Brother Sam is Dead-Revolutionary War, Connecticut
Collier-War Comes to Willy Freeman-Revolutionary War, East Coast
Curtis-Bud, Not Buddy-1930's, US Depression era
Cushman-Ballad of Lucy Whipple-1849, Massachusetts/California
Cushman-Catherine, Called Birdy-13th C., England
Cushman-The Midwife’s Apprentice-Middle Ages, England
Divakaruni- Neela, Victory Song-1939, Calcutta
Fleishman-Bandit Moon-1850, California territory
Fleishman-By the Great Horn Spoon-1849, California Gold Rush
Fleishman-Saturnalia-17th C., Colonial America
Fleishman-The 13th Floor-17 C., Massachusetts
Fleishman-The Whipping Boy-18th C., Europe?
Forbes-Johnny Tremain-Revolutionary War, US
Fox-Slave Dancer-1840, New Orleans
Fritz-Early Thunder-Revolutionary War, Massachusetts
Fritz-The Cabin Faced West-Revolutionary War, US
Fritz-Traitor:The Case of Benedict Arnold-Revolutionary War, US
Furlong-Robin’s Country-Middle Ages, England, Sherwood Forest
George-Julie of the Wolves series-1970's, Northern Alaska
George-The Talking Earth-Modern era, Florida Everglades
Gipson-Old Yeller-Late 1860's, Texas
Gregory- Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie-
Gregory-Earthquake at Dawn-1906, San Francisco
Hamilton-Return to Dies Drear-Modern Era/Civil War Era, Ohio
Hansen-I thought my soul would Rise and Fly-1865, South Carolina
Hesse-Out of the Dust- 1930's, Oklahoma
Hobbler-Treasures in the Stream-1848, California
Holm-Boston Jane -1854, Philadelphia/Pacific Northwest
Ho-The Clay Marble-1980's, Cambodia
Hurmence-A Girl Called Boy-Modern Era/1853
Kadahata-Weedflower-1942, Arizona Desert
Keith-Rifles for Watie-1861, Kansas
Kerr-When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit-1930, France/Germany
Kimball-Star Spangled Secret-1812, Battle of 1812, Baltimore, Maryland
Konigsburg, E. L. -The Second Mrs. Giaconda- 16th C., Florence, Italy
Konigsburg, E. L.-A Proud Taste of Scarlet and Miniver-12 C., England
Krensky-The Iron Dragon Never Sleeps- 1867, California
Larson- Hattie Big Sky- 1918-Iowa
Lasky-Dreams in the Golden Country- 1903, New York City          
Laugaard- Patty Reed’s Doll-1849, Trail to California
Lester- Day of Tears -1859, Georgia
Levine-Dave at Night-1920's Harlem Rennaissance-New York
Levitin-Journey to America-1938, Germany
Levoy-Alan and Naomi-1940s, New York- Post Holocaust
London-Call of the Wild-19th C, Yukon Territory, Canada
London-White Fang- Late 1800’s, Yukon Territory, Canada,
Lord-In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson-Post WWII, China/Brooklyn
Lowry-Number the Stars-1943, Denmark
Magorian-Good Night Mr. Tom-WWII, England
Mcguire-The Good Liar- WWII, France
McKissack- A Picture of Freedom-1859, Virginia
McKissack-Let My People Go-1800s, South Carolina
Munoz-Ryan-Riding Freedom-Mid-1800's, California
Namioka-Yang the Youngest and his Terrible Ear-                      
Napoli-Stones in Water-1940s. Italy
O’Dell-Sarah Bishop 1770s, Colonial America
O’Dell-The Serpent Never Sleeps-1609-England/Bermuda/Jamestown
O’Dell-Zia-late 1800s, San Nicolas Island off California
O'Dell-Island of the Blue Dolphins-mid 1800s, San Nicolas Island off California
O'Dell-Sing Down the Moon-1800's, Arizona
O'Dell-Streams to the River, River to the Sea-1803, Lewis and Clark expedition
Orlev-Island on Bird Street-WWII, Polish ghetto
Park-The Single Shard-Late 12 C. Korea
Paterson-Jip, His Story-1855, Vermont
Paterson-Lyddie-1843, Vermont
Paterson-The Master Puppeteer -Feudal Japan
Paulsen-Mr. Tucket series-Early 1900's Western U.S.
Paulsen-Nightjohn-Pre Civil War, Southern plantation
Paulsen-Sarny: a Life Remembered-Post Civil War, Southern plantation
Paulsen-Soldier’s Heart-Civil War era, Gettysburg
Peck-A Day No Pigs Would Die-early 1900s, Vermont
Peck-A Long Way from Chicago-1929, Illinois
Peck-A Year Down Yonder-1937, Illinois
Petry-Tituba of Salem Village-Colonial Era, Salem, Massachusetts
Porter-Pollyanna-Late 1800's, United States
Propp- After the Soldiers Were Gone- Netherlands, 1945
Pullman-Ruby in the Smoke-19th C. London
Rawls-Where the Red Fern Grows -1930's, Ozark Mountains
Rinaldi-Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons: Story of Phillis Wheatley-1770's, Boston
Rinaldi-Wolf by the Ears -18th C., Monticello/Washington D.C.
Russell-Child Bride-1948, Southeastern China
Schmidt-Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy-Early 1900's Maine
Senzai- Shooting Kabul- 2001, Pakistan
Speare-Calico Captive -1750s, French/Indian War, New Hampshire
Speare-Witch of Blackbird Pond-1687, Colonial Connecticut
Spinelli- Milkweed-1939, Warsaw, Poland
Sterman-Saratoga Secret-Revolutionary War, U.S.
Stevenson-Treasure Island-1760s, England
Taylor-Let the Circle Be Unbroken-Depression era, Mississippi
Taylor-Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry-1930s, Mississippi
Taylor-The Road to Memphis-1941, Mississippi
Tingle-The Edge on the Sword-Late 800s, Saxon England
Tomlinson-The Forest Wife-Middle Ages, England
Uchida-A Jar of Dreams-1930s, California
Uchida-Journey Home-Post WWII, Salt Lake City, Utah
Uchida-Journey to Topaz-WWII, Japanese Internment Camp, Berkeley, CA
Uchida-The Invisible Thread-WWII, Japanese Internment Camp
Vanderpool-Moon Over Manifest-Kansas, 1917 WWI era
Vande Velde-There’s a Dead Person Following my Sister Around-1800s, New York, Underground Railroad
Whitmore-Trapped Between the Lash and the Gun-1800s, Antebellum South
Wiles- Countdown -1962, Washington DC
Woodruff- Orphan of Ellis Island- 1908 from Italy to U.S.
Woods- The Red Rose Box- 1953, Los Angeles
Yates-Amos Fortune, Free Man-18th C., Massachusetts
Yep-Dragonwings-Early 20th C., California

Various authors- The Dear America diaries
Various authors- The American Girl series

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