Third Grade Regions Project

California Maps

California native tribes map from the University of California, Berkeley Museum Informatics Project

California map showing main rivers

California map showing some geographical areas

Another California map showing geographical areas

California map showing cities of California

California physical map from the University of Texas Libraries


American Memory photographs by Edward S. Curtis of tribes around the nation.

Tribe information in general

Four Directions Institute keeps records on California tribes. Click on your tribe, and then scroll down the page to find other links about your tribe.

Native American Facts for Kids: Put your tribe name into the search box and find some information about your tribe.

Tribes representing the four different regions in California

These sites are not written for children, but we teachers can help you find the information at the sites listed below:

Coast: Ohlone (Costanoan)

City of Belmont: Website about the Ohlone tribes in California

Several schools' collective site with good information about the Ohlones (Muwekma people)

History of Fremont-Museum of Local History:The Ohlone People

Coast: Chumash

Santa Barbara Museum --Chumash Life

Four Directions Institute: Chumash

Chumash Rock Paintings

Chumash Indian Site

Pictographs of the Chumash Tribes

Central Valley: Yokuts

San Francisco State University Yokuts webpage

Four Directions Institute--good site for plants and uses.


Central Valley: Miwok

California baskets of the Miwoks Baskets and History

Yosemite National Park--Native Americans

California State Parks--The Miwok People

Mountain: Wintu (Patwin or Wintun also)


Four Directions Institute--Central California People

Access Geneology Site--on the Wintu Tribe

Mount Shasta Project-Wintu

Mountain: Hupa (Hoopa)

San Francisco State University-Hupa webpage

Hupa Valley History website

Countries and their Cultures Website

Access Genealogy website--Hupa Indian Tribe


Desert: Cahuilla

Four Directions Institute--Southern California Tribes

Cahuilla Lodge website-- History of the Cahuilla Tribes

Agua Caliente Cultural Museum--Cahuilla

Native American Desert People Has some cool links on life in the desert

Desert: Mojave

Native Languages of the Americas website about the Mojave tribes in California

Information from the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe Website


Seddon's class will study:
Coast: Ohlone
Central Valley: Yokuts
Mountain: Wintu
Desert: Cahuilla

Costello's class will study:
Coast: Chumash
Central Valley: Miwok
Mountain: Hupa
Desert: Mojave

Other ideas to explore:
timelines and maps
traditions and cultures
geography maps
creation stories
native dress
(see the teaching kit)

JRoby November 2012