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Some Good Second and Third Grade Reads
Below is a list of books that second graders seem to enjoy. Perhaps you will find books to help your young readers practice those "reading muscles". Please direct any comments or suggestions to jroby<at>


Adler- Cam Jansen series and Young Cam Jansen books
Arnold- Fly Guy stories
Beecroft- Star Wars (DK readers )
Cazet-Minnie and Moo series
Chaconas- Cork and Fuzz books
Cole- Bony-Legs
Chaconas-Cork and Fuzz books
Gantos-Rotten Ralph stories
Grant- Chicken said, "Cluck!"
Griffiths-The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow

Guest-Iris and Walter books
Hoban- Francis series
Kvasnosky-Zelda and Ivy books
Lobel- Frog and Toad series
Mills- Gus and Grandpa books
Parish- Amelia Bedelia series
Rylant- Henry and Mudge stories
Rylant- Mr. Putter and Tabby stories
Schwartz- In a Dark, Dark Room
Sharmat- Nate the Great series
Seuss-various titles
Willems-Piggie and Elephant books
Yee- Mouse and Mole stories
Yolen- Commander Toad series


Various- Eek! Stories to Make You Shriek books


Abbott-Secrets of Droon series
Adler- Cam Jansen series
Adler-Picture Book biography series
Atinuke-Anna Hibiscus
Barrows- Ivy and Bean books
Bentley-Magic Kittens
Betancourt-Pony Pals books
Blume- Freckle Juice
Bonnar- The Silver Balloon
Brown- Arthur books
Cabot- Allie Finkle stories
Child-Clarice Bean stories
Dadey- Bailey School Kids stories
Danziger- Amber Brown stories
Edwards-My Naughty Little Sister books
Gannett- My Father's Dragon trilogy
Gantos-Rotten Ralph series
Greenberg- The Zack Files books
Hicks-Gym Shorts stories
Holm-Babymouse(graphic novels)
Howe- Pinky and Rex (series)
Jenkins- Toys Go Out and other books
Keene-Nancy Drew notebooks
Kerrin- Marvin Bridges stories
Kline- Horrible Harry books
Kelly-Ball Park mysteries
Krensky- Louise stories and other titles
Krulik-Katie Kazoo books
Larry- Zac Power books
Look-Ruby Lu, Brave and True and other titles
MacDonald- Judy Moody series
MacDonald- Stink stories
McMullan- Dragonslayers Academy series
Meadows-Rainbow Magic stories
Miles- Puppy Place books
Morse-Magic Pickle books
Osborne- Magic Tree House series
Park- Junie B. Jones stories
Pilkey- Captain Underpants series
Pilkey- Ricky Ricotta series
Preller- Jigsaw Jones mysteries
Roy- A to Z mysteries
Roy- Calendar mysteries
Roy- Capital mysteries
Runton- Owly books
Sachar- Marvin Redpost books
Sharmat- Nate the Great stories
Simon- Horrid Henry books
Smith- Bone(graphic novels)
Sobol-Encyclopedia Brown series
Spires- Binky the Space Cat (graphic novel)
Stilton-Geronimo Stilton books

Viorst-Lulu stories



Atwater-Mr. Popper's Penguins
Betancourt-Pony Pal books
Blume-Double Fudge
Buckley-The Sisters Grimm books
Bunting-Nasty, Stinky Sneakers
Burnett-The Secret Garden
Byars- Little Horse on his Own
Byars- The Dark Stairs mysteries
Cameron- Julian stories and other books
Christopher Matt Christopher sports books
Cleary-Henry Huggins, Ralph S. Mouse and Ramona series
Coville- Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher and other titles
Dahl- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other titles
DiCamillo- Any books by this author
Duey- series books about Horses
Eager-Half Magic
Edwards- The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles
Hale-The Chet Gecko series
Hesse- Sable
Howe- Bunnicula series
Howe- Waggitt stories
Hughes- Angel Park sports stories
Hunter-The Warrior series
Hurwitz- Any titles from this author
Keene- Nancy Drew mysteries
King-Smith- Any of the animal titles
LeGuin- Catwings trilogy
Lindgren-Pippi Longstocking books
Martin-The Doll People

Mazer- Amazing Days of Abby Hayes series
Pennypacker- Clementine books
Pinkwater- The Werewolf Club series
Rockwell-How to Eat Fried Worms
Ryan-Paint the Wind and Riding Freedom
Smith- Chocolate Fever and other stories
Sobol- Encyclopedia Brown series
Van Draanen- Shedderman mystery series
Various authors- The American Girl series
Warner- Boxcar Children mysteries
White, E.B.- any of this author's titles
Wilder- Little House on the Prairie series

Various-My America series


2nd and 3rd Graders also love:
Origami books
Craft books
Drawing books
Guinness Book of World Records
Books about dinosaurs, birds, mammals, space, airplanes, planets, sports, robots, space, Legos

Magazines- Sports Illustrated for Kids
Comics and graphic novels

Optical Illustion books